Your Personal

Content Creator & Social Media Guide

Hello, hard worker!

Welcome onboard this digital transformation

My name is May, and I'm your personal content creator and social media guide.

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs like you, to step up their digital presence with creative content and a powerful content strategy.

The digital world is big and scary, but together, we can make it work in your favour!


Are you ready for success?

But...Is this for me?

Well, let me tell you a story...

It's 2020. 

All your customers are online. 

They are browsing through social media, engaging with friends, influencers, and other businesses.

Meanwhile, the content they consume shape their future choices.

Can you afford to miss out?

But being online is not enough if:

  • Your social media does not engage
  • Nobody visits your website
  • Your website has poor copy or is simply confusing
  • Your ads don't convert, and you lose money more often than you make it.

That, my fellow hard worker, is not what I call "being online."

That's just a waste of time!

But I get it!

Running a business takes time, 

There's lots to do and not enough time for marketing and social media.

So this is what happens:

Most businesses have no digital strategy. 

Most businesses don't know what to post, when to post, or even why post.

They build their online presence alone, and quite often, on their lunchbreak.


And that doesn't always work.

So here's how I can help

Step up your Social

1:1 Social Media Consulting

If you want to increase your reach, get more clients, or get more leads to your website, then this is for you.


A good social media strategy can get your business to the next level, increase your sales, and even help you get that business idea started. Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Social Media Power Plan

The Perfect option if you're on the social but don't know exactly what you're doing right or wrong!


I will work with you to understand your business goals, and then proceed to develop a curated document showcasing the areas that need improvement from your social media and/or website content, and a plan to get you to the next level.

Creative Work


I will work with you to provide you with copy that aligns with your brand voice, as well as paving a path for your future content to follow.

I can provide professional assistance with product descriptions, Facebook and Instagram ads, and even that "about me" page on your website that you've been neglecting for a while.


It all starts with a 30 min free consultation!


Step up your copy game at the click of a button.


Do your clients know who you are?

Do they know about your products?

Do you have something important to announce?


Having studied videomaking with some of the best content creators in the world, I can get your message across professionally and completely in line with your brand voice.


Book a 30 min free consultation today (Galway City only):


You know the drill!

A good photoshoot session can give you weeks (and even months) worth of content for your website and social media pages.


When you schedule a photoshoot with me, you get a free 1 hour photography basics course so that you can step up your photo game on your own as well!


(Galway City only)

Hi! I'm May!

I'm a content creator, videographer and social media expert.

I work with businesses owners like you to craft a compelling online presence that helps reach more potential clients and build trust.

I do this work through:

  • Powerful videos, 
  • Compelling website copy,
  • Ad design, and finally,
  • Social media consulting.

What's in it for you?

All the good stuff. 

We'll be working together to understand your biggest needs and struggles when it comes to the digital world.

Once those are identified, I will build you a solution that seamlessly answers those needs. 

Some of the benefits I can bring include:

  • Build a strong brand awareness
  • Close sales through effective ads
  • Increase your social media reach
  • Connect with customers on a deeper level
  • Improve your website copy
  • Creating an online strategy that saves you time and brings you clarity for your online presence

And most important of all...

  • No more wasted time with social media and the online world!

Why work with me?

I use the power of storytelling to craft everything I do: From videos, to ads, to social media presence. 

Stories attract clients, create engagement, and connect people. They activate emotions and build trust. 

Humans have told stories for centuries:

This is how we've evolved as a society. 

This is how we make connections. 

This is how I make you shine :) 



Ready for a bright (and virtual) future?