Hi! My Name is May!

May Smiling

I am not a travel blogger.


In fact, I am just like you - Passionate for travel, with a regular job. 


I am 27 years old and from the beautiful country of Brazil! I have lived in 4 different countries, and traveled to 22 more.


During my travels, I always search for new stories. Stories about the people that live there, or stories about the place. I get to know the locals, I talk to people on the streets, taxi drivers, food sellers. I would talk to the animals if I could (I may already do that). 


My passion for stories is so immense that I decided to start this blog and a video channel on Facebook @talk.to.may. This way, I can share what I see with more people than just... me.


If there's anything I can do to help, send me an email on talktomay.info@gmail.com.

It's a pleasure to share this journey with you.


Much love,




Fun Facts about May

I have a Chemical Engineering degree and an 8-5 job in Technical Communications. I travel a lot for work, but also on my free time! I love travelling on the weekends and also during my holidays. I like to go to places where I can experience a different culture and get to meet new people:


Meeting people are the key to a good trip! 


Ever since I was young, I wanted to discover the world. I wanted to live abroad, but I didn't know how! Back then, it was too difficult to find ANY information online (and that's why I tell you 7 ways to live abroad here). I am from Brazil, and in Brazil we never heard much abroad living abroad. To me, that seemed almost impossible.




My first experience abroad was living in the US, where I studied one year in High School. I lived with a host family in the middle of the country side in Tennessee. In fact, my first host family was horrible. They treated me like hell. I almost left everything and went home. But I had a dream to see the world, to live abroad, and so I kept fighting for it. I found another host family, and we spent an amazing year together! That year, I got to see Niagara Falls, Texas, Alabama, and a lot of the beautiful state of Tennessee.


My second experience abroad was when I fought with claws and teeth to get a scholarship to study abroad. I studied in Ireland in Trinity College Dublin for one year with all expenses paid. It was a tough year: I had to study a lot to keep up with the pace at school, but at the same time it was very rewarding. That year I made lots of friends, I discovered orienteering (and traveled all over Ireland orienteering in forests), and I also met my husband, Thomas (he is French, not Irish)!


My third time abroad was after I graduated, when Thomas and I moved to France. We lived there for a year. When I arrived, I barely knew ANY French: I knew only the basics. In a space of 6 months, I went from knowing basic French to actually understanding what people were saying, and then finally to being able to reply! While I lived there, I worked as a carer for 2 months and that really helped me improve my language skills.


From there, Thomas and I moved back to Ireland, and we've been here since 2016!


Close to the Heart

Stories are powerful. In a world full of them, why should we only focus on ours?

Every time I travel I search for stories to bring to my videos or to my blog.

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