Belle Hair and Belle Brush

The 2 companies are run by Nancy Cavanagh, and focus on products for hair extension wearers and general hair care (Belle Brush), as well as selling and applying hair extensions and more standard hair salon treatments and services, along with products (Belle Hair)

Nancy approached me looking for help initially with videos to showcase her salon (Belle Hair), as well as some talking tutorials. The videos were quickly a hit online, reaching over 80k views combined.

Shortly after, we began expanding our work together, where we created videos for her social media channels for Black Friday Promotions. We posted over 7 videos on Instagram reels, as well as additional videos on Instagram Stories.

As Belle Brush expanded, we then went on to create videos to be sent to product distributors.

Shortly after, we started creating more talking tutorials, also growing Nancy's personal brand. image online. In May 2022 then, we took charge of managing Belle Brush's social media page.


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