25. April 2020
I asked 3 travel experts to give their opinions about the travel situation after coronavirus. With years of non-stop travel in their backpocket, they share valuable insights.

23. April 2020
When I was in Thailand, I wanted to do what any other tourist does when they go there: Experience a Thai massage. Most massage places are so cheap, it's impossible not to...

19. April 2020
This is a story of how I fought to survive my study abroad experience. That year, I learned how cruel humans beings can be, and also how kind they can be.

19. April 2020
Do you dream of living abroad but don't know how to do it? I have been there too. This is why I created this guide with 7 ways to live abroad and lots of reading material to help you on your search.

17. April 2020
Guinness Record Roller Coasters, a full view of Mount Fuji and an unforgettable day. What more could anyone want?

07. April 2020
Nobody wants to get scammed! But nowadays, travel scams are getting more and more difficult to spot! Here I show you 10 most common travel scams and how to avoid them.

04. April 2020
I love traveling, but I hate checking my bank account after a trip and seeing it EMPTY! If you want to know how to travel CHEAPER and save some $$, click here.

03. April 2020
Climbing mount Fuji was something I never even dreamed of doing. In fact, I only decided to go up when I went to visit Fuji's Base Station to get some nice pictures. Needless to say I was completely unprepared to go up.

24. March 2020
The thought of studying abroad can be both exciting and terrifying. You will live in a country where nothing is the same as back home: the food, the culture, possibly the language, even the way...

19. March 2020
Read my experience in a private hot springs with a panoramic view of the region right beside Mount Fuji.