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Join us and create 3 irresistible sequences of Instagram stories that can land you your next sale live.
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Hurry! Our workshop goes live in:
That's July 17th, at 4pm Irish/uk,
5pm Paris, 11am EST!
Instagram stories are the easiest place to sell your offers online. We will hold you accountable as you create 3 winning story sequences that can land you your next sale. Stop hiding from your audience, and let’s talk profit.
Why Instagram Stories?
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What You'll Get:
3 High Converting Story Sequences: Learn sequences that have generated over $5k in profit for clients.
Live Creation (and posting) with May: Craft one of these sequences live and end your disappearing streak.
BONUS: 5 ways to start your Instagram stories to maximize reach, even when selling.
Got an Offer to Sell?
Join Our Workshop and Sell It Live!
Our workshop is designed for all niches, provided you have an offer and an audience of at least 300 followers.
And because we know you’re busy, this 60-minute workshop will deliver actionable content, hold you accountable, answer your questions, and set you up for success.

Let’s eliminate overthinking and create
a winning story sequence live.
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