Fuji-Q: The Amusement Park Below Mount Fuji

When Thomas and I decided to visit Mount Fuji, we stayed in a city called Fujikawaguchiko. We wanted to try the traditional hot springs, eat good food and stay in a Japanese Style Hotel (Ryokan). We both love Japanese culture and hospitality so we felt that stopping there for a few days was a must.


When we arrived at our hotel, it was very early morning. Our room would not be ready until 2pm. The lady at reception then gave us a little city guide with things to do, and one of those things was an amusement park: Fuji-Q. 


"An amusement park here? I've never heard of it. Surely, it must not be that big." I told Thomas.


But as we looked at the guide, we saw they had roller coasters. Insane looking roller coasters. The type that once have been in the Guinness World Records. And it was not just one, but they had 4 roller coasters who are or were part of Guinness World Records at some point, and 7 roller coasters in total.


Thomas and I looked at each other and laughed. Within a minute, we left everything at the hotel reception and took a bus to Fuji-Q.


An Insane Day

As we enter Fuji-Q, they scan your face so that your face is the ID to enter the rides: Talk about innovation, no need for a paper ticket!

The park is big, with so many attractions that it can take you an entire day to see it all. We arrived in the morning at 10am and left at about 7pm. We still didn't have time to see everything!


Fujiyama: A View of Fuji Like No Other

The first ride we wanted to try was a roller coaster called FUJIYAMA. This ride has that name for a reason: When you are at the very top, you can see  Mount Fuji with all its power right beside you. The ride actually stops for long enough for you to enjoy the view before you fall 70 meters (230ft) down. During the whole ride you have a panoramic view of the park and Mount Fuji. As the lines were not long that day (we were lucky!), we went 6 times in a row. That's my definition of fun!


Takabisha: World's Steepest Roller Coaster

With a 121 degree drop, Takabisha will make you lose your hat, your glasses, and your courage sometimes! The initial drop feels SO STRANGE. It's like you're falling in reverse, if that makes any sense. It's almost as if your little cart is completely disconnected from the roller coaster and you're on a free fall. For an adventure seeker, it's really cool. I absolutely loved it. I think we went twice in Takabisha.


Eejanaika: Exploring the 4th Dimension

This roller coaster will take you to a new dimension, literally. Imagine being in a loop, while your seat is also doing a loop. As the second 4th dimension roller coaster in the world, Eeijanaika rotates forward AND backwards in 360 degrees. It's THAT extreme. But don't worry, the loops and spins are quite balanced with the gravity force and they wont make you dizzy.  We absolutely loved Eeijanaika: We went 3 times.


Do Dodonpa: World's Fastest Acceleration Roller Coaster

I am going to say this straight away: The line was IMMENSE. So immense that we didn't manage to experience do dodonpa. This is the fastest acceleration roller coaster in the world and everyone wants to try it: It goes from 0 to 180kmh (112mph) in 1.56 seconds. The force you'd experience with this acceleration is more than an ASTRONAUT would during a rocket take off. In fact, you can hear the sound of the ride accelerating like a thunder coming from the sky. Next time I'm in Japan, I NEED to try it!


The Other areas of the Park

Of course Fuji-Q is not made up only of roller coasters. In the park, there is also a kid's area called Thomas Land (based on Thomas the Train), a French inspired area called La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa, and an area that opened in 2019 called Fuji Hidden Leaf Village, inspired by the Naruto Anime.


I wanted to talk a bit more about La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa since I also lived in France. As I walked down the streets of the village, there was a really authentic French vibe: The beautiful Parisian architecture, the little Cafe Brioche selling cute French pastries, the Patisserie with Mount Fuji cookies, and of course, Les Rêves Salon de Thé, a more upscale tea house that serves food and some French pastries. They also recreated a miniature Eiffel Tower surrounded by a bed of flowers and a cute fountain. It's definitely work taking a look!


My Final Thoughts

This park is unique. Not only for it's location, but also for it's attractions. The park creators really aimed to bring the best of the best to the park to make their customers satisfied. The roller coasters are amazing, the fun zones are adorable, the food is good! If you're looking for things to do near Mount Fuji, make sure to visit Fuji-Q!


Oh, my favorite ride? It has to be DEFINITELY Fujiyama!


This is an honest, not-sponsored review.




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