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Gear I love

Tripods, lights, microphones, phones, and cases: All my most loved gear is right here.



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This is my go-to tripod to hold anything: From lights to my phone, this guy will do the job. It is sturdy, it doesn't break easily, and I've had mine for over a year with no issues. NOTE: Phone holder not included!

This is the perfect phone holder if you are getting the Neewer tripod. It is super versatile, and it even has an extra ballhead that you can use to record with your phone slightly tilted. Perfect for small spaces or shooting at different angles.

This is THE perfect tripod if you shoot things from your desk, or if you need something that can be flexible and shoot from an upwards position. Use it for stop motions, or showing the behind the scenes of your work.



When it comes to lights, you really get what you pay for.


This beautifully made ring light let's you adjust both the brightness and the warmth of your light. It comes with a pretty decent tripod and can rotate up to 180 degrees (so you can shoot your behind the scenes with good lighting too!)

I love this light because it is a little more professional than a ring light, and it gives me the creative freedom to light my space as I wish. Dimmable and battery powered, this light comes with 2 extra batteries, which I find quite handy. No tripod included!

This is another good option if you are looking for a ring light - The biggest difference between this one and the Godox one is that this one doesn't allow you to change how cool or warm you want your light to be. But it does come with warmer filters that you can add to it!



If your audio isn't great, or if you shoot a lot of talking videos on the go, a microphone can really step up your audio game!


RØDE is one of the only brands I trust for microphones. They know their stuff. Having that said, this little microphone is a great entry level mic if you're looking for better audio quality. The downside is that you need to buy an additional cable (RODE SC7) to make it work with your phone (if you have an Iphone you also need an adaptor)

This is a powerful little Lav mic that will get you far! Attach it to your clothes, attach it to your phone, and off you go! If you have an Iphone, you may need an adapter.

Take your webinars, zoom meetings, and client calls to another level. I absolutely love this microphone to improve my audio quality (and trust me, I've tried plenty of different ones).


Smartphone and Extras


My phone of choice! The camera quality is excellent, and I have nearly zero glitches when uploading videos to social media. Anything above this model would be beyond excellent.

I am clumsy. The Otterbox phone case is literally the only thing preventing my phone from breaking. They are so sturdy and I'm extremely grateful for their help!

This is for you if you do lots of action shots. Gimbals are not a necessity, but they are really cool and can make life easier (and your shots smoother!). The DJI OM4 is the top of the line Gimbal you can find out there for phones.


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Disclaimer: I never recommend what I don't love!