Harper initially approached me in 2021 to create social media videos (particularly Instagram reels) for their brand. They wanted to have a video presence that was beautiful and represented her brand online without using trends or dancing videos.

We created a unique style for Harper.ie that represented the brand well online, while using fun video effects that grabbed the attention of the viewer.

Together, we created over 20 videos that generated over 1.5 million views for the page. One of our most popular videos got over 356 thousand views.

We focused on creating videos that not only showcased the brand, but that also sold the products well. We showcased Communion dresses, bridesmaid dresses, Christmas Outfits, Spring Dresses, among others. In multiple situations, the dresses we presented would quickly sell out. Particularly the occasion dresses.

During our work together, Harper was eager to learn how to create simpler but beautiful videos that would also perform well together. After giving a one hour training, Harper went on to create a first video by themselves (with me guiding right beside) that went on to get over 300 thousand views

Finally, we completed our work with 2 promo, higher end videos to announce a collaboration between Harper and Or for the Galway races, in June 2022.


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