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What do people say: Launching is difficult, exhausting, nobody signed up from my masterclass, no idea what to do, emails, posts, reminders, where do I even start?

This sale ends in





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How to launch your first offer online and make up to 5 figures in 1 week

Let me show you how to plan all your launches in an organised and repeatable way that brings profit to your door

The Live Launch Intensive

Our 3-day training will happen on:

March 4th, 5th, and 6th 

at 4pm UK/11am EST

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room:

Live launching sucks

This is what your launch can look like without a proper plan:

Writing a neverending list of emails at 9pm while telling your partner they won’t see you today

Feeling like you’re posting so much and yet - not being able to communicate the value of your offer

Chasing your tail to do every task you need to do while feeding yourself with protein bars and ramen noodles

Feeling defeated on day 2 of your sales because nobody is signing up

Panicking after a masterclass when you realise nobody is buying your program

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But what if we could rewrite this story?

We could make it look like this instead:

Feeling confident knowing every single task you need to do with clear deadlines and a proper timeframe

Understanding exactly how to structure a masterclass to get conversions

Communicating the value of your offer so well that people have no option but to buy it

Understanding your conversion rates so you know exactly how many leads you need to capture for the conversions you want

Taking care of yourself during your launch so you can be in your best shape


After running 10+ successful launches, I can safely say that your launches can either give you a big chunk of extra income… or make you feel like you did a boat load of work for nothing.

Because hey, once upon a time I also had failed launches. I know exactly what it feels like to put in a lot of work and see only 2 people signing up. I even had to refund people once because not enough people joined.But after years of trial, error, and success, here’s what I figured out:

The difference between a profitable and a failed launch is in your planning

A proper plan can easily double your revenue. 

I’ve seen this happen time and time again with clients:

[ testemonials ]

Don’t believe me?

Here are some money opportunities most people miss in their launches:

- Only launching one offer rather than having a meteoric launch

- Having no upsells and no order bumps

- Sending long winded storytelling emails at the wrong time (storytelling isn’t the answer for everything)

- Not giving a proper pitch at the end of your masterclass (or feeling almost apologetic for needing to talk about your offer)

- Not having a second place to capture leads (because let’s face it, email marketing alone isn’t enough

I could go on and on, but you get my point.

Money opportunities are everywhere.

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Here’s how our 3-day experience breaks down:


In this class, I will show you how to structure your launch with appropriate timelines (no more running around in circles wondering what else needs to be done). Let’s break down what happens in each phase, and then take a closer look at your lead capture strategy.


No launch is complete without a launch event - in this case, I will show you how to structure your masterclasses for conversion. Let’s break down what to talk about step by step, how to pitch correctly and confidently, and even chat about the best softwares to use to automate everything


In this section we will cover what you need to be doing to actually sell your offer effectively - because let’s face it: putting it on your link in bio and sending people there is not a strategy.

We’ll close the day by chatting about how to take care of yourself during a launch

And did we mention the best part? 

We’re doing it LIVE.

Our classes will happen on 

March 4th, 5th, and 6th 

at 4pm UK/11am EST

Wait -  You thought it was over?

I haven’t even told you about your bonus:

The Ultimate Launch Checklist

[ imagem do checklist ]

This checklist will tell you EXACTLY what you need to be creating for each phase of your launch. This will become your best friend during every single one of your digital launches.

Valued at  €200

Yours for  €0

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The Live Launch Intensive

How to launch your first online offer and make up to 5 figures in 1 week

3 live classes with May’s launch methodology

Lifetime access to replays

BONUS: The Ultimate Launch Checklist




Total Value: €1700


for the next

Your payment 100% secure

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Payment The Live Launch Intensive

In 1 month from now you could:

Have an exact roadmap to launch your offer confidently

Know exactly how to bring your offer to the market confidently and learn a new way to get an extra income stream

Create a successful launch plan that leaves your competitor wondering how you did it

Who will benefit the most from Live Launch Experience:

A coach who knows their stuff and is ready to launch their first (or next) digital product

A service provider who is looking to create a course or a product with their expertise and get an extra income stream

A product business who wants to sell a course, checklist, or guide to complement their offers

Don’t join the Live Launch Experience if:

You are not a business owner. 

You are not interested in creating a digital product

You don’t want to put in the work. Live launching is hard work (even if you do it right) - the difference is in the money you get from your work after!

You want to launch a physical product - while the strategies we teach can be 70% applied to your case, not everything will be.

You are looking for a content creation course or a course that teaches you how to structure courses - this is a launch strategy course


Hi, I’m May, your mentor, teacher, and coach!

After 10+ successful launches and generating 6-figures in revenue from them alone, I decided to bring you my exact launch methodology. Join me as I show you how to develop your own successful launch plan.

- 10+ launches

- 1200 students

- Content creator for Fortune 500 companies

- 3 years in business

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But May, can I do it alone? Do I need a team to launch effectively?

While live launching is time-consuming, with the right strategy and appropriate timelines you can 100% do it alone.


The structures I teach are solo-business-owner friendly.

Do I need any fancy platforms or equipment to live launch?

You don’t need to have anything for our classes, however, live launching comes with a level of investment in platforms and softwares. We will give you the best options and alternatives if you are on a budget.

For how long will I have access to it?

You will have access to our class recordings for the lifetime of this course.

What are the payment methods? Is it a safe platform?

Our platform and payment processors are 100% safe and used worldwide. You can pay via paypal or credit/debit card.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a live course, we don’t offer refunds. But you wouldn’t ask for one anyways.

Need help deciding?

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