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I'm giving you my 32 best strategies to transform your Instagram profile from top to bottom

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Transform your Instagram Page 
into a Profile that C
onverts in 7 days

Proven strategies for 2024

Works for any niche

24 hours for a top-to-bottom profile transformation


You spend hours creating your posts, editing for hours, writing detailed captions…Only to watch them flop. 
Likes are a struggle, follows a battle, and sales? A freaking war. It's a never-ending cycle of hustle with zero payoffs. 

 The main issue here? 

We’re reading your Instagram manual backwards.


  But I do!  

Content creation is a hamster wheel if your profile isn’t built to seduce and convert.

You’ll be constantly seeking the next hack, the perfect hook, the viral idea, but in the end - the views never turn into anything else.

Let’s follow the right order:

We build a solid profile first.

Content comes after.

 This is how I know your profile isn’t optimised:  

Your username is cluttered with dots or underscores.

Your bio’s packed with "inspiring" fluff that says nothing (including words like “ethical”, “understand”, “improve”, “captivating”, or worse: Hashtags)

Your link in bio leads people to a Linktree full of “Shop Now”, “Follow me on Facebook”, or “Download my free guide”.

You update your bio every week but it still misses the mark.

You haven’t checked your insights for the past month beyond how many followers you got.

Your SEO strategy in your content is non-existent.

You worry about hashtags and best times to post but you never know if what you’re doing is right.

Tecido delicado

The good news?


Picture this: Dropping posts with the confidence that your profile's got your back, converting viewers into fans and fans into paying clients, no matter your follower count.

Here’s what I’m talking about:


 But hang on a second… 

Fixing your profile isn’t just about changing a few words in your bio. You’re diving into 32 game-changing strategies spread over 7 key areas with the Profitable Profile Essentials.


We're talking about a full makeover for your profile, top to bottom, including:

1. Your Instagram Username, Picture, Name, and Bio

2. Your Link in bio and sales pages

3. Pinned Posts that Feed Your Wallet

4. Understanding the Algorithm

5. Getting Found: Hashtags, SEO, and All That Jazz

6. Insights and Repurposing Content Like a Pro

7. Highlights and Instagram Stories

8. Content Creation Arsenal and Chat GPT Magic

And if that’s not enough, here are your bonuses:

 100 proven content ideas: 

Got 100 ways to light up your Insta? Now you do. This is your new go-to-list for posts that connect, educate, and turn heads.  It also includes 100 Hook templates and instructions for each content piece.


Normally €150, but for you? 

Absolutely free.

 The 5-Figure Sales Page Copy Template:  

This is the exact sales page template page I use for all my offers during multiple 5-figure launches and 6-figure evergreen sales. 


Worth €150, 

But yours for €0

 The PPE handbook: 

This gem packs all the essentials from our videos in a grab-and-go PDF. It’s like having a profile wizard in your pocket, ready to sprinkle magic on your Insta whenever, wherever.


Valued at €100, 

But it’s on the house for you.

 The Executive metrics tracker: 

An easy tracker to keep your most important metrics at your fingertips so you can run your Instagram like a proper business owner.


It’s a €100 gem, but for you? 

It’s free.

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Transform your Instagram Page into a Profile that Converts in 24 hours

- Lifetime Access to the full Profitable Profile Essentials Program (€300)

- BONUS: The Profitable Profile Essentials Handbook (€100)

- BONUS: 100 proven content ideas for growth, nurture, and sales (€150)

- BONUS: 5-figure Sales Page Copy Template (€150)

- BONUS: Executive Metrics Tracker (€100)

TOTAL: €800

 Your price today: €97 


Here are just 5 of the 32 strategies you’ll find inside the Profitable Profile Essentials:


The link in bio blueprint that has increased mine and my clients conversions by 20%


The pinned post strategy that makes me money while I sleep


My formula for bio optimization that flips passive viewers into active followers with ease.


The sales page structure behind my string of 5-figure launches and consistent 6-figure sales.


The Instagram username strategy that makes it a no-brainer for anyone to follow you

After diving into Profitable Profile Essentials, you will:

Have a conversion-ready profile that does the heavy lifting for you

Wave goodbye to those unreliable quick fixes and hacks for business decisions on Instagram.

Start making it easy as pie for viewers to turn into followers, leads, and buyers.

Own a sleek and optimized profile that screams "pro," making it look like you've already hit the 10k follower milestone.

And if you choose not to join, that’s ok, as long as you’re fine with:

Scrolling for Instagram hacks to understand what to do online

Feeling conflicted by all the advice online and not knowing what path to take

Watching hours of YouTube tutorials from strangers, seeking advice on what to do for your business.

Meet your Instructor

May is a content creation and storytelling consultant with a knack for building Instagram profiles. Through the Profitable Profile Essentials, she offers strategies that convert viewers into followers and followers into buyers.


With a background in videography, content creation, and market analysis, May knows what it takes to take profiles from a beginner to an expert level.

 This program is definitely for you if: 

- You're in any kind of business—services, products, coaching, you name it. It works across the board!

- You feel like your Instagram profile isn’t looking sharp and actually stopping you from getting more results.

- People seem interested in what you're offering, but you're just not seeing the conversions.

 This program might not be the right fit if: 

- You're looking for a course focused solely on creating content. This one's all about optimizing your Instagram for better conversions.

- You're already happy with your Instagram's performance and results.

- You're seeking instant results without the willingness to implement and stick with the strategies taught.

- You're ready to commit and make the necessary changes to get results

 • Frequently Asked Questions • 

1. What if I don't have the time to apply all these strategies?

We get it, time is precious. That's why Profitable Profile Essentials is designed to fit into even the busiest schedules. Each strategy is bite-sized and actionable. You can start seeing improvements with just a few minutes a day.

2. What if I try this and it doesn't work for my business?

It's natural to worry about the outcome. However, Profitable Profile Essentials is proven to work across various niches and business types. With our step-by-step guidance, you're not just trying random tactics; you're implementing proven strategies.

3. Isn't success on Instagram all about having great content?

While great content is important, it's not the whole story. A solid, optimized profile acts as your foundation, making your content work better for you. Without it, even the best content can struggle to convert. Remember: views and likes mean nothing without follows and eventually sales.

4. How is this different from other Instagram growth programs?

Unlike programs that focus solely on content creation or follower growth hacks, Profitable Profile Essentials focuses on the core of your Instagram success - your profile. We provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step system to transform your profile into a conversion engine, so that your content can work better for you.

5. What am I getting when I buy this program?

When you buy Profitable Profile Essentials, you're getting:


The Full Profitable Profile Essentials Program: A comprehensive course designed to transform your Instagram profile into a high-conversion profile in just 24 hours, plus your bonuses: 100 proven content ideas, the Instagram revamp handbook, the Sales Page Copy Express Guide, and the Executive metrics tracker.

6. For how long do I have access to the course

You get access for the lifetime of this course. 

7. Can I get a refund?

As this is a digital product, refunds are not available. But you wouldn’t ask for one anyways.

You've reached the end – awesome!

Most businesses might overlook this advice, but you didn't. You understand the importance of a well-structured Instagram profile for real growth.

With the Profitable Profile Essentials, you're on the brink of transforming your Instagram. Click join and let's make it happen. Let's get your profile working for you, not against you.

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