The Branding Guide

The Branding Guide

Branding doesn't have to be complicated.

It doesn't have to be for big brands only.

And it certainly doesn't have to make you constantly change your mind.


Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You have your brand colours and maybe a logo, but you don't know how to take your branding beyond this step.
  • You feel that branding is too complicated and you just don't have time to search all over the web to learn.
  • You wish there was a simpler, step by step guide that didn't cost hundreds of euros, to get you where you want to go with your brand.


This is how most small business owners feel!

And not so long ago, I was there too.


I struggled a lot to build a brand that I love and that I can maintain with consistency. I spent hours searching for information, researching my competitors, finding ways to make branding easier. After lots of research, money invested, and some big headaches, I created a business I am proud to call mine.


This is why I decided to put all this knowledge I gathered over the years into a compact 36 page guide + workbook.


This guide will take you through all the essentials of branding. From finding your why and values to building a brand experience.  I have specifically tailored it to small business owners who have no time to waste with difficult literature and boring theory.


This is a hands on, practical guide to branding.


At the end of the guide, you also have a style guide template to fill out with the key aspects of your business. Keep this style guide with you at all times to never go off brand!


So what's it going to be?


6 coffees...Or your branding strategy figured out?