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Writing Killer Captions Guide

Writing Killer Captions Guide


If this text is boring, please don't buy this guide:


I wonder what goes on in people's minds when they write posts this:

"Hi! This is May, let me tell you a few things about me

  • I'm a gamer

  • I love videos

  • I was an engineer in the past!

How are you feeling today? Let me know below!"


I don't know about you, but I would NEVER reply to a post like this. If anything - I would leave a pity comment.


And nobody deserves those.


In fact, when you write posts and captions on social media, your key focus should be to make your audience feel something. Let me re-write the post above with an example:


I spent 27 years trying to find my place in life. When I went to college, I studied something I didn't even like. Then, I worked as an engineer for 5 whole years. In the end - I felt trapped. Like I couldn't escape. Fast forward to today, I run my own video marketing business, quit my engineering job, and play video games during my lunch break. Wanna know how this happened? Drop a heart below if you want a part 2!


Better, huh?


That's the power of making your audience feel something.


And believe it or not, this is a very small fraction of what you'll get inside this guide. Other strategies inside include:

  • Learning how to tailor captions for different types of posts

  • Learning how to write great Hooks and CTAs (calls to action)

  • Learning how to write captions that convert into sales and sign-ups


Got to the end of this text?

Then you'll love this guide.

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