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Psst! How about we make your Instagram profile go pro in 24 hours?

Transform your Instagram Page 
into a Profile that C
onverts in 24 hours

Proven methodology for 2024 and beyond

Works for any niche

24 hours guaranteed profile transformation*

We're about to...

The quickest way to optimise your profile for followers and sales without costly Instagram audits. 

*(as long as you apply what we show you!)

Normally: $297

Sale Price: $97



Your Instagram right now? It's probably doing "okay."

But okay isn’t going to flood your profile with followers who can’t help but binge your content and buy all that you offer.

Put The 24h Profitable Profile Method to work, and soon, you could be...

making an extra $10k because of a pinned post,

upping your sales by 20% because you optimised your link in bio,

or increasing your reach simply because you changed your username.

These are real results from strategies inside The Profitable Profile Essentials

But if this sounds wildly unrealistic to you...

We need to optimise your profile right now.

 This is how I know your profile is making you lose sales: 

Your username is cluttered with dots or underscores (yep, that matters)

Your bio’s packed with "inspiring" fluff that says nothing (including words like “ethical”, “understand”, “improve”, “captivating”, or worse: Hashtags)

Your link in bio leads people to a Linktree full of “Shop Now”, “Follow me on Facebook”, or “Download my free guide”.

You update your bio every week but  it’s still not bringing you new followers.

You haven’t checked your insights for the past month beyond how many followers you got.

You worry about hashtags, SEO, and best times to post but you never know if what you’re doing is right.

Can I be real for a sec?

You've got better things to worry about than these right here.

But if you ignore your profile, you might be sabotaging your sales.

Tecido delicado

Do it once and you're done!


24 hours is all you need to upgrade your profile and never go back.


No more changing your bio every week.

No more confusion over what strategies actually work.
And no more wasting time on ineffective hacks.


I'm giving you a step-by-step method to make your Instagram profile a magnet for followers and sales (that even a 10-year-old could follow).


So you can go back to posting knowing that every part of your profile is set up to attract and convert, turning followers into fans and fans into paying clients— even if you have a small following.

You can do this. And fast.

I've designed the Profitable Profile Method to be easy, quick, and actionable so even a busy mom who wants instant wins can do it.

Each class will give you an immediate quick fix, and you can finish the whole course in a day (although we do recommend using 24 hours to implement as you go!). 


You’ll get 32 game-changing strategies to give your profile a top-to-bottom makeover, like: 

Simple changes to create a catchy, memorable username, so people actually find you.

A copy-paste SEO strategy that gets your posts seen

The Step-by-step of creating pinned posts strategically to keep selling for you, long after they're published (with templates!)

Tactics to spot and remove the conversion killers that are sabotaging your sales.

Strategies to maximise the impact of your existing content.

Best practices to craft stories and highlights that stick.

Creative content techniques and smart ways to integrate ChatGPT.

How to use the algorithm to your advantage

Cleaning up your links Marie-Kondo style, so they lead to clicks and conversions, not confusion.

My 2 simple, but powerful tweaks that fix the most common yet overlooked bio mistakes and turn a passable bio into a total follower magnet

And yes, there are bonuses:

 The 5-Figure Sales Page Copy Template:  

The exact sales page template page I use to rake in multiple 5-figure launches and 6-figure evergreen sales repeatedly. 


Valued at €150, yours for free

 The PPE handbook: 

A handy guide loaded with all the essential tactics from our video series you can refer to anytime.


Valued at €100, 

But it’s on the house for you.

 The Executive metrics tracker: 

An easy tracker to keep your most important metrics at your fingertips so you can run your Instagram like a proper business owner.


It’s a €100 gem, but for you? 

It’s free.

Background May (1905 x 800 px) (1).png



Let's transform your Instagram Page into a Profile that Converts in 24 hours

Here's everything you'll be getting your hands on

- Lifetime Access to the full Profitable Profile Essentials Program ($297)

- BONUS: The Profitable Profile Essentials Handbook ($100)

- BONUS: 5-figure Sales Page Copy Template ($150)

- BONUS: Executive Metrics Tracker ($100)

TOTAL: $797

Your price today: $97 


Here are just 5 of the 32 strategies you’ll find inside the Profitable Profile Essentials:


The link in bio blueprint that’s bumped up mine and my clients conversions by 20%


The pinned post strategy that turns your profile into a 24/7 money generator.


My formula for bio optimization that pulls in your ideal customers right away.


The sales page structure behind my continuous five to six-figure launches and sales.


The Instagram username strategy that makes it a no-brainer for anyone to follow you

After putting into Profitable Profile Essentials to work, you will:

Have a conversion-ready profile that does the heavy lifting for you

Wave goodbye to those unreliable quick fixes and Instragam hacks

Watch viewers turn into followers, leads, and buyers

Have a sleek and optimized profile that screams "pro," making it look like you've already hit the 10k follower milestone.

Sure, you could keep fiddling with your Instagram settings, trying to follow all those vague (and conflicting) "best practices" and hoping for the best— OR…


you could get an unfair advantage and let the Profitable Profile Method make your profile your best sales tool in just 24 hours.


Consider this: a basic Instagram audit from a coach can cost you up to $350 and won't even cover 50% of what I'm giving you (literally all my best profile strategies!)


The quickest way to get your profile optimised without blowing your budget.

Meet your Instructor

Hi, I'm May! I'm a content creation specialist  who knows a thing or two about strategy— the kind that actually works.

I created the Profitable Profile Essentials after realising that so many great businesses were losing followers and clients on Instagram for reasons that I could fix in 5 minutes. 

Over the past 3 years, I've helped over 1300 students create better content and transform their Instagram into a serious business tool. Now, I can’t wait to see you do the same.

MAY2024 (506).jpg

 Who needs this? You do if: 

- You're in any kind of business-services, products, coaching, you name it. - and need your Instagram to do more heavy lifting in your marketing strategy.

- You feel like your Instagram profile is stopping you from getting more clicks, leads and sales.

- People seem interested in what you're offering, but you're just not seeing the conversions.

 This program might not be the right fit if: 

- You're looking for a course focused solely on creating content. This one's all about optimizing your Instagram for better conversions.

- You're already happy with your Instagram's performance and results.

- You expect results without application or commitment.

- You're ready to commit and make the necessary changes to get results

 • Frequently Asked Questions • 

1. What if I don't have the time to apply all these strategies?

We get it, you’re busy. That’s why every strategy is bite-sized and actionable. You can start seeing improvements with just a few minutes a day.

2. What if I try this and it doesn't work for my business?

The Profitable Profile Essentials is proven to work across various niches and business types. They’re designed for anyone serious about making their Instagram work harder.

3. Isn't success on Instagram all about having great content?

Great content needs a great profile foundation. We make sure both are aligned for maximum impact. Remember: views and likes mean nothing without follows and yes- sales.

4. How is this different from other Instagram growth programs?

Unlike programs that focus solely on content creation or follower growth hacks, the Profitable Profile Essentials focuses on the core of your Instagram success - your profile. We provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step system to transform your profile into a conversion engine, so your content can work better for you.

5. What am I getting when I buy this program?

When you buy Profitable Profile Essentials, you're getting:


The Full Profitable Profile Essentials Program: A comprehensive course designed to transform your Instagram profile into a high-conversion profile in just 24 hours, plus your bonuses: the Instagram revamp handbook, the Sales Page Copy Express Guide, and the Executive metrics tracker.

6. For how long do I have access to the course

You get access for the lifetime of this course. 

7. Can I get a refund?

As this is a digital product, refunds are not available. But you wouldn’t ask for one anyways.

You've reached the end – awesome!

Most businesses might overlook this advice, but you didn't. You understand strategic tweaks to your profile setup can make all the difference for real growth.

And you know your Instagram is more than just a social platform. It's your digital storefront, your brand ambassador, and your best salesperson—all rolled into one. Let's make sure it's doing its job.
Apply The Profitable Profile Method and watch your profile transform by this time tomorrow.

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