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Getting more reach has changed my life.

Let me show you how it can change yours

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How I went from 300 followers and

no clients to 60k followers and consistently booked out months

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Our 2-hour training is happening on:

January 25th

At 5pm UK/Irish/Lisbon, noon EST, 9am PST 

In exactly...





Here’s exactly what's waiting for you:

And hey - we will be face-to-face on Zoom. No webinar BS.

The Big Reveal

Let me reveal the biggest problem haunting experts today and why they can’t get reach no matter how hard they try.

The 4 Reach Traps

I’m going to be showing the 4 reach traps that can actually destroy businesses (and nearly destroyed mine) and guide you on how to avoid each of them when getting reach

The Reachability Triangle

This is exactly what got me out of the 300-follower zone and into a high-reach world. Here, I will be breaking down the 3 essential areas to focus on if you want more (and better) reach and what I did in each of them.

The Triple-A Reels methodology

Let me show you how to create reels that get you high-quality followers and high conversions. Remember: Getting views means nothing if you don’t get qualified followers from them. 

During our training, I will show you exactly how I:

Turned an account stuck at 300 followers into one with 60k qualified followers

Went from being followed by high school students to reaching people who could actually buy my services


Got the visibility I never thought was possible for someone like me (because, let’s face it, I don’t live in a pretty house, I don’t drive a fancy car, and I for sure can’t record aesthetic videos every day).


But wait, who am I to teach you anything?

Content strategist and storyteller with over 1200 students around the world.

I've designed sales and storytelling strategies for Fortune 500 companies.

I have a background in engineering and reinvented my entire career in 3 years simply by dedicating myself, studying, and applying what I learned with strategy.

Let me show you how I went from being an invisible expert to an irresistible leader. 

My name is May, I am a:

The Reach Impact Training is for you if:

You are more than ready to be recognised for your expertise - but the numbers are still not there​

You are tired of refreshing your profile looking for more views and getting peanuts.

You follow everybody’s advice to grow, but nothing works in the long term.

You are sick of advice that tells you to “grab a random video from your camera roll, pair it with a trending audio and go viral” - it never freaking works


Can I tell you one last secret?

Recordings will be available for everybody who signs up - so even if you can’t make it on the day, you get the replay by simply signing up for our training.

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