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The Canva Templates guaranteed to turn heads your way and put your business on the spotlight

The Magnetic 
Canva Templates

Save HOURS of hard work

Impress your viewers

Start turning new visitors into followers

With the click of a button

Bad designs can make you look unprofessional

Professionalism is not about wearing suits or looking fancy. It is about looking neat. 


If your ideal clients see your posts and something feels off, they are less likely to pay attention to the actual message.


Don't believe me?


Which post would you be most willing to read from the two below?


Now that you've picked number 2, let me show you what your content can look like.

Add name of template and look

The best part?

You don't need to choose.

Get all 5 styles with one single click.

Button Get my templates

Get immediate access to hundreds of templates, including carousels and infographics

Show Carousels

Show infographics

Every style can be customised to fit your brand

Show before and after of a design customised with a title ready to post

Created by a social media expert,

to showcase YOU as an expert.

The Magnetic Canva Templates

X Different Designs - valued at

X Carousel Templates - valued at

X Infographic Templates - valued at

Total Value:


Your price today:

First Impressions Matter.
Make yours count.

Most Canva designs have a square format (1080x1080), while ours are 1080 x 1350!

Most posts:

Copy of Magnetic Canva Templates.png

Our posts:


25% more visible!

All designs and styles have:

Optimized text for readability

Beautiful icons selected for a timeless and classy look

Ability to mix and match posts in the same style 

And they work for both product and service businesses


Your posts will look so good that your followers will wonder what your secret is

(But of course, we would never tell them!)

Just look at our clients using them:

Grab yours below and start saving time while getting results!

Promo of templates (Presentation (169)) (7).png

You can find our full terms and conditions here

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