Why Stories Matter

Humans connect by telling stories. It has been like that from the beginning of our times, where early humans used cave drawings to write their very own "blogs".

It's a fact: Stories are 22 times more memorable than facts alone. They call to us, relate to our lives in ways that facts and statistics don't.

In this little safe corner, I share with you some of my favorite stories from my travels: Stories about me, about the people I've met and places I've seen.

I hope they prove to be enriching, or at the very least, a relaxing way to end the day before going to sleep.

private hot spring

Naked in a hot spring beside Mount Fuji

Fuji-Q: The Amusement Park Below Mount Fuji

How I Climbed Mt Fuji with Jeans and No Gear

blind massage therapists

The Thai Blind Massage: Seeing With Your Fingertips

My Host Family Horror Story: Studying Abroad Nightmare