Get Travel Ready


Clothes, shoes, passport, house keys... Do you have all you need before you go? Some things are not as easy to remember as others!

Below you will find many tools that I use to plan my trips, as well as some valuable travel tips that I learned along the way.

All these things make my life much simpler and make sure I enjoy my trip without worries. I'm absolutely sure they will help you too.

Finding Cheap Flights

Google Flights

Google flight is the all in one tool for booking flights:

  • It tracks flight prices for you (and can even send you email notifications when they are cheap)
  • It shows you which dates are cheapest to fly
  • It shows you if your current flight price is average, high, or low, and even gives you price ranges.
  • It warns you about any known flight disruptions before you book.

I always book my flights with google flights: it's safe, reliable and quick.


Very similar to google flights, Skycanner is another great tool to track prices. It allows you to compare flight price during several days of the week, to search for a multi city trip, among other things.

One great thing about Skyscanner is that it also has lots of travel guides with very useful types such as:

  • Cheapest month to travel to that location,  
  • Average price of a trip to that location (including hotel),

Both Skyscanner and Google Flights are great tools for booking cheap flights!

May's Tip: If you want to search for cheap flights to anywhere, type your airport's name in the departure box and leave the destination box empty!

Travel Insurance

Safety Wing

Safety wing is a travel insurance primarily created for digital nomads, but that doesn't mean that regular travelers can't use it! You can sign up for safety wing even if your trip has already started, and the prices are really good for the coverage offered. The insurance covers medical and travel incidents (lost luggage, travel delay, etc). 

World Nomads

World Nomads is a great choice for anyone, but it's especially good for people that want to practice sports and activities during their holidays! That's because they provide coverage for over 150 activities such as skiing, kayaking and even sky diving. You also have and 24/7 emergency assistance if you ever need it (hopefully not!). This insurance is trusted by the Lonely Planet.

Booking Accommodation


Staying in a hostel is a fantastic way to make friends and also to save money! If you don't mind sleeping with more people in a room and you're tired of paying hundreds of dollars for a hotel, why not gives hostels a try? Hostelworld has fantastic options for hostels. 

May's tip: Some hostels will offer simple free breakfast as well as classes (music, dance, yoga).


Hotels are the classic way to travel. If you want to stay in a hotel, make sure to book it through a reliable site such as or 

May's Tip: Use the map function on the website to select the best location possible for your accommodation.


If you're a fan of meeting people and don't really mind sleeping on someone's house, consider giving Couchsurfing a try. The accommodation is free, but remember: The main goal of Couchsurfing is connecting people and making friends. I've made great friends in Italy, Ireland and Norway like this, both by hosting and being hosted by others. 

May's Tip: Make sure your future host has positive reviews on Couchsurfing before deciding where to stay!

Latest Travel Tips

Nobody wants to get scammed! But nowadays, travel scams are getting more and more difficult to spot! Here I show you 10 most common travel scams and how to avoid them.

I am no backpacker, but I like to travel cheap! 

Here you will find my ultimate tips to save some $$$ during your travels.