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Be on top of the latest trends without ever needing to scroll for hours online.
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The Weekly Audio Vault

Pick a trend that suits your brand.
Use it at your own time.
Get results.
Hey, friend! May here.

I created this audio vault for business owners and creators that are tired of chasing the latest trend alerts, that don't have a lot of time to create content, that are sick and tired of feeling like they are missing out on trends, and that really just want to simplify their content creation process.

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Inside the Weekly Audio Vault, I will be giving you 10 weekly Instagram and 10 weekly TikTok trends with examples and instructions to make sure that you:

Are always ahead of the game

Never have to search for trend alerts ever again

Start having a choice and using trends that actually fit your style

Here are some of my personal results on reels where I use trending audio:

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But hang on a second!

I know how important it is to mix authentic content and trends to grow your business online. This is why inside the vault we have 3 things that are a game changer gor your business:

Versatile trends that you can put on top of authentic content

A VIP video class teaching you how to use trends with strategy (yep!)

Audio options that are not trends but that are quite popular and versatile

So you can start getting results with your content with ease.
Here's what's Inside our Weekly Audio Vault!

A personalised list with 10 trends of the week, labeled with their main theme, and with instructions inside each one (that's 40 trends a week for Instagram alone!).


All links to past trends of the last 4 weeks


Even more audios to choose from for your authentic reels (non-trends)

And every single one of the items above for Tiktok as well!

Plus an exclusive video training on how to use trends with strategy to maximize your results!

All of that for only

Sign up below and lock in this price for life.

Cancel anytime.




  • Weekly Audio Vault

    Every month
    Forever this price
     7 day free trial
    • 14 Weekly Instagram Trends (that's 50 a month!)
    • A vault with 100+ audios categorised for your business
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